John Rasimus. Exhibtion "Dear Friends To Whom It May Concern/The Big Bang" installation view Gruvans Konsthall 2021 the objects in the photo are folded woodcut prints, on the woodcut printed wallpaper you see paintings on paper/woodcutprint 2021.

The artist John Rasimus' practice ranges from large scale installations, small drawings, woodcuts printed on large canvases, and animated films. He frequently exhibits his entire process from drawings to paintings and sculptures made of MDF board. This pressed particle board is a central material in John's studio practice. He utilizes it to print main figures in his canvas pieces as well as in his more traditional prints.

A recent innovation for John is his folded print work. He chooses three dimensional objects, deconstructs them into two dimensions, turns them into MDF woodblocks, prints them on a thick paper, and then folds them into their original three dimensional forms. He adds his signature style to these objects such as backwards texts, cowboys heads, and his mixture of obsessions with Western culture and dry Swedish wit. Among this work are beer cans, guitar amplifiers, matchboxes, and shipping pallets. John then takes this plethora of orgami like objects and builds sculptural installations. This breakthrough is of particular importance because it allows John to print an entire show, ship it to it's destination, and then assemble it on site. He maximizes his exhibition square footage and minimizes his shipping foot print.

John has been invited to many universities and colleges across Europe and The United States to conduct workshops and lectures about his art.